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Do you have a question about Gravyo’s ingredients? Perhaps you are wondering if Gravyo could help your dog with an ailment or well-being concern?

Our nutrition consultant Caroline is the author of two published books on canine nutrition, diet and natural dog care (The Best Dog Diet Ever & Imperfectly Natural Canine). Her journey began over 25 years ago, feeding fresh food to a variety of dogs and cats in a kennel, cattery environment. She has since studied to qualify in many natural dog care modalities, including nutrition.
She has been a pet food industry consultant for the last 5 years, working alongside holistic vets and for top international brands. Her current focus is on helping pet parents understand the industry and know how to source genuinely healthy products, such as Gravyo.

She is always happy to chat with you and your dog, answering any questions you may have and supporting you both to make the most of the nutritional benefits of Gravyo.

Her own dog Foosa is a Tripawd, a rescue from the Soi dog shelter in Thailand. Foosa enjoys Gravyo every day to support her with her joints and connective tissue. Balancing on 3 legs can be tough, Caroline knows Gravyo’s nutrition will go a long way to supporting her to stay balanced and agile into her older age.

Caroline has put together some FAQ’S for you too.

Which nutrients make up Gravyo Bone Broth?
Our bone broth is packed with nutrition.
It has Minerals such as; Magnesium, Calcium, Boron and Potassium.
A multitude of Protein related nutrients such as; Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Proline and Glutathione and lots of Natural Collagen.
All these and more play a role in the health of connective tissues in your dog’s body.

What does Gravyo help to nourish?
Their skeletal system, joints, tendons, cartilage and bone itself.
The digestive system, gut lining and intestinal tract.
The nervous system, which relies on many minerals to balance itself and ensure efficient body wide communication.
The strength of their Skin, Fur, Nails and Teeth which rely on nutrition such as collagen.

Can Gravyo be fed to a pet with Kidney issues?
Yes, as part of the correct balance of minerals. There is no sodium concern with our Bone Broth.

Can Gravyo be fed to a pet with Liver issues?
All of our ingredients are suitable for a dog with a Liver complaint. 

Can Gravyo Bone Broth be fed to a pet with Diabetes?
Yes. There is no sugar molecule concern with our Bone Broth.
Can Gravyo be fed to a pet with Pancreas conditions?
Yes, as part of the full fat content make-up of the pets diet. Our product is relatively low fat, its nutrients may even benefit a pancreatic condition as the whole digestive system will be more supported.

What are the Dosages for pets who would like to benefit from the well-being aspects of Gravyo?
Firstly feeding daily for the first couple of weeks is recommended, once benefits are occurring you can return to using the Bone Broth as a maintenance supplement as thick or fine as your dog prefers.
We would estimate 10g daily for a small dog. 20g for a medium dog and 30g for a large dog.
No confirmed dosages should be completely adhered to as the benefits depend on your dog’s state of being at the time the Broth is included in their diet.
This is an enhancement for their health, rather than a medicine.

Did you Know?
“Collagen makes up around 30%
  of your dog’s total body protein!”
Did you Know? “There is more Glucosamine found in the  digestive lining than the skeletal system!”
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