Dog of the Month

September 2019: Dottie

This is Dottie, a 10 year old miniature daschund, but we like to call her our sauage dog! She's a bit of a fussy eater and will often turn her nose up at many foods and refuse to eat at all if she doesn't like what's put in front of her. We've tried expensive food and cheap to no avail until we added Gravyo... now see can't eat fast enough as you can she in the video... BURP!! She licked the bowl clean and kept looking for more. It's so easy to prepare; we just add a spoon to the kibble and pour on some hot water, mix it in and wait for it to cool so it's not too hot for Dottie to eat.

Mat and Julie

August 2019: Ghost

This is Ghost, a 2 yr old Belgian shepherd Groenendael he came from Holland as a puppy. Ghost is a fussy eater and putting Gravyo on his food really helps him finish it. I also use Gravyo to help Thor a Belgian shepherd malinois who is twelve and has meds for a spinal condition. Putting it on his food means he eats his medication.

Ghost recently had his photo taken after winning the sponsored Adams Derby 1 to 4 grade Final. WELL DONE! We compete all over the UK and abroad and have represented team GB at the Belgian world agility championships which I was lucky enough to win in 2005 and 2006.

*****NEWS ALERT*****
CONGRATULATIONS TO GHOST AND ANDY FOR QUALIFIYING TO OLYMPIA. The video shows Ghost's ABC Semi-final run, and by coming third has qualified for Olympia.

Andy and Ghost

July 2019: Teddy

This is Teddy, A tiny little pocket rocket Yorkshire Terrier with the heart of a lion! He was rehomed when he was just 14 months old – his previous owners had a small child and it just did not work out – but no worries as he has now found his forever home. He is an energetic little chap liking nothing more than to romp around the fields pretending to chase rabbits. When he comes back from his walk, he tucks in to his Gravyo with relish. He lives right next door to our Gravyo kitchen and spends quite a bit of time outside in the courtyard hoping find a way in to get more Gravyo.

Carol and Jim

June 2019: Thatch

THATCH - The cute 12 months old Border Terrier. We put in two of the spoons of Gravyo and then a small amount of warm water and mix it up inside the Kong to make a paste – it doesn’t leak out, which is good! We ran out of normal food the other day and were left with some old dry food, which she won’t normally touch with a barge pole, so I popped in a bit of Gravyo mixed with water and she gobbled the whole lot up like there was no tomorrow. The carpet? Enormous amounts of vanish carpet cleaner – if I turn the camera around a bit, you’d have seen it on permanent standby by the television! We got the carpet about three weeks before we decided to get a dog; in hindsight, we should have reversed the decision making process!


May 2019: Tilly

After Tilly (pictured right) had her operation she was very poorly and we couldn’t get her to eat at all. We tried plain chicken and scrambled egg as the vet suggest but she ate nothing for days ...We were very worried as she needed to get her strength up. That’s when we tried gravyo first on its own like a soup.... she lapped it up literally! The next day we poured it over her biscuits and to our amazement she ate the lot! We didn’t look back. shes all back to normal and we continue with this diet. I also have my two year old Dylan who as you can see in the video loves gravyo too, he’s growing into a very handsome boy! Sorry if you have the sound on everyone!! Thank you for the goodness of Gravyo. Keep up the good work!!


April 2019: Bri'ann

Bri'ann the English Bull Terrier is not a pet, She's family and loves Gravyo as much as she loves posing for the camera. We all know how much we love our furry barky friends. However, you know if you want to make sure you give your furry friend the best life ever you must look after her/him. Plenty of walks/exercise, playtime, their own space, family time, and their favourite... Food!!!!!

Over the years being that Bri'ann is a Bull Terrier, it’s even more important that you feed her only the best. They are incredibly robust, rough, tough and named the Gladiator of the dog world for a reason. Did you Know? General Patton owned a Bull Terrier named Willie and is portrayed in the 1970 movie Patton

We sneak a bit of human food now and again, which makes it even harder to put her back to her own meat and biscuits, as she is getting incredibly fussy as she get’s older. She’s now 7, and even more fussy. You’d think a Bull Terrier would eat anything put in front them. They are renowned for it.

Bri'ann looks up at you, dog tuts, and walks away, nose in the air... Until now. Gravyo either on wet meat, biscuits or both has made sure her nose is buried deeper into her bowl until finished. Quick dental stick, return to her bowl to see if there is anything left, slurp of water and sofa for Bully time... Too easy...